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5 Songs to the Wind

...And feeling a little afraid.

'What have I gotten myself into?', I keep asking myself. What crazy son of a gun decides to write 100 songs?! What if I run out of words, or notes?!

The thing about lies is that they're always a bit ridiculous. I'm always thinking up lyrics, or melodies, or turning over ideas for new things in the back of my brain composter. The only thing that's different is that now I have drawn a line in the sand and made a goal. Oh, and told The Internet a

bout it.

Which means I'm hearing back that this goal is ambitious. Like - a little too ambitious.

Which implies that maybe, just maybe I won't make it.

Which is true. Maybe I won't.

But maybe I will. And then I'll have written 100 more songs!

We'll see. Keep your pants about you.

Until next time!

------ the bard

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